Does being a Mama mean you stop being you? A discussion about Hobbies and more.


Maybe you feel like being a new mom is just taking up all your time. You are so focused on taking care of your little one, changing diapers, feeding, and checking to make sure they are ok, that you don’t have time for hobbies. Trust me, I understand. The first few days after I brought Anastasia home I only left the room to make her milk, in fact those first few days I was lucky if I got 1 or 2 meals in myself.

Or maybe you finally have some free time, baby is finally sleeping in her crib and isn’t waking up after 10 minutes. But just because you are a new mama doesn’t mean the laundry doesn’t need to be done, the dishes washed, or the floors cleaned. So in that free time you are probably trying to get everything else done. But does being a mom mean you have to stop being you. All the hobbies you enjoyed doing before becoming a parent, do you just give up on them? Or do you keep going?

There may be hobbies that don’t survive the transition, hobbies that kind of fall to the wayside. But let some of those hobbies follow you into motherhood. Being a mom doesn’t mean you have to stop doing or taking part in what you care about. It doesn’t mean you don’t get any more “you” time. Try finding something that you can do, at home or somewhere else. Trust me mamas, dad can handle the kids for an hour or two.

I knew a mom that said that rainy days were her days. Whenever it rained out, she left the kids with dad, and went to the mall or somewhere else and just enjoyed some solo time. If anything the break from the kids might help keep you sane.

I had alot of hobbies before I had Anastasia. Some hobbies I tried and they lasted for a while, some I tried and they didn’t last at all. I used to love scrapbooking but lately I just haven’t been a fan. I tried knitting and cross stitching, but quickly found that they weren’t for me. But throughout the years and the pregnancy, there are still some hobbies that survived.

My Top 4 Hobbies:

  1. Photography
  2. Writing (Journal, stories, blogs)
  3. Reading
  4. Drawing

These are the 4 hobbies I don’t think I could ever stop enjoying. They’re the hobbies that I think partly define who I am. If you were to ask anyone who knows me, to tell you about myself, they would most likely mention something about the 4 items above.

I don’t think becoming a Mama took anything away from me being myself but rather added to it. Yes I now have to share my time with my sweet Anastasia but that doesn’t mean I will never have time to enjoy what I want to enjoy. Even though Anastasia is only 3 months old, I have already started reading aloud to her. I own close to 400 books for myself and have started a collection for her as well. I look forward to being able to teach her how to read, write, and draw for herself. And photography? Well now I have myself a little model so you know that hobby isn’t going anywhere.

Taking care of, loving, and bonding with your baby is important. But it is also important to take care of and love yourself. Don’t lose yourself in the everyday responsibilities of being a parent and take a little you time.

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