Snuggles! Get your snuggles here!

35345809_10156490569217973_7943983025488920576_nAlright lets get it out there. I am sure at some point someone, somewhere, has told you to make sure you don’t hold your baby too much. But let’s be honest, can you really hold a baby TOO much? I understand the common ‘fear’ here is that your baby will get used to being held and will only want to be held.

I am still a new mama, Anastasia is only 3 months old, so clearly I am not going to be an advocate for not holding my baby. If she’s sleeping peacefully or something then yeah I will put her down in her crib but otherwise I am gonna fit in as many snuggles with her as I can. After all in my experience once babies get to the crawling/curious stage, they often want to constantly be on the go and don’t really want to be held anymore.

In truth yes, there are some things you should avoid doing, rocking to sleep being one of them, because then bad habits can form from that. But how many toddlers do you know that only want to be held and aren’t running around and getting into trouble. Most times I hear Mamas complaining about how much they miss the times when they could hold and snuggle their little ones for longer than 2 minutes, not the other way around.

I’m sure that there are some who disagree with me but I personally am an advocate for getting in as many snuggles as you can. But like I said, I am still a new mom. So in a few months from now if I end up regretting this decision, I’ll let you know.

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