Formula Feeding Mom Fail…

Definitely a lesson learned the hard way ordeal…

So, I was originally breastfeeding. While Anastasia was in the NICU and basically up until she turned 3 months she was taking my milk. But after my supply took a big hit and she started to develop terrible gas from my milk we decided to officially make the transition over to formula feeding, after all fed is best.

They say if you are feeding your little one formula, to make it using bottled water. Well… ‘they’ definitely know what they’re talking about. I didn’t disagree, when we were discharged from the hospital and the doctors told us to only use water bottles if we were going to formula feed, the first thing I did was buy a box of water, and I was still breastfeeding at the time. But on Wednesday, it was late evening and we ran out of water bottles I told my husband to just use the water from the fridge. My reasoning? It was ‘filtered’ and I knew of plenty of women who gave their babies water straight from the tap. After all how bad could it be to make her formula from the fridge until we can run to the store to grab some more water bottles. Well, it was a very bad idea.

True at first she didn’t seem to behave any differently. But after 24 hours of having her formula made using water from the fridge, that is when the terror began.

Yesterday was brought to you by: projectile spit-up and incessant crying.

Literally for 4 hours last night (I was at work during the day but my mom said it was about the same) she could not be comforted. We knew her stomach was hurting because she kept curling up in a ball, and again, projectile spit-up is not an exaggeration. She got some distance. She was crying, I was crying, it was a cry-fest to the max.

We tried laying her on her stomach. We tried patting/rubbing her back. We tried rocking, swinging, and more. We tried the pacifier. Literally nothing would get her to relax and calm down. After I tried my husband tried and finally she somehow squirmed and positioned herself on her belly across his stomach in the strangest position ever and INSTANTLY fell asleep. Don’t know how or why but we weren’t complaining.

So. You better believe we have some gallons of water from the store at our house now. She’s already making improvements since we stopped giving her the water from the fridge, I will never make this mistake again that is for sure.

But I can’t help but wonder…

What’s in the water I AM drinking?

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  1. We always boiled the water before preparing the formula. It’s crazy. We just done what the midwife told us but never actually thought what might exactly happen if we didn’t.
    Bless your little one. Hope everything is ok xxx

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