Expect the unexpected

Don’t believe anyone who says being a parent is easy, or you’ll be a natural. Yes, you will have the ‘instincts’ there, instincts that are most likely based off of what you remember from when your parents were raising you. But there will be mistakes, lots of them.

Honestly, I think Joshua and I have lost track of how many mistakes we’ve already made, and Anastasia hasn’t even been home for a month yet.

But in truth, I think the biggest/best piece of advice I was given, and in turn share with you, is to expect the unexpected.

Tired as a mother

My pregnancy was not what I expected, I had heard so many women talk about how much they loved being pregnant and blah, blah, blah… I was MISERABLE. My entire pregnancy I was sick and in pain, from my teeth all the way down to my feet. Even my hips were in pain. I had the swelling (even more than normal women due to the preeclampsia), I had the round ligament pain, the cramps, the back pain, and the tooth pain. I also developed tendonitus in both my wrists which is apparently more common in pregnant women, this is the only thing that has yet to go away unfortunately.

Because of having to deliver early, I also didn’t really get to take part in the ‘fun’ activities that pregnant women get to do to, I was hospitalized the week of my baby shower and ended up sending my husband in my place. It looked beautiful. I also didn’t get to have any maternity photos done since they were supposed to take place closer to my due date.

Despite being bummed about missing these things, I do not mind and instead I am just beyond grateful that our little girl is home and healthy!

Even after the pregnancy the words rang true. I’ve mentioned before that I have been around children my entire life, both my husband and I have very large families. To put it simply I have been an aunt since I was 7 years old, I now have 22 nieces and nephews. But until I brought Anastasia home, I had no idea what being a parent really meant. Nothing really goes as planned. You really learn to take things and go with the flow.

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