You know, you’re making your baby registry, looking at the vast sea of baby items out there wondering what in the world you are actually going to need. Some of these items I’m sure some would disagree with me on. But for sure, these are the 3 baby items I couldn’t live without.

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Changing Table

This is one that I am pretty sure most women would disagree with me on. At least the women around me all do. Some told me it would a waste of money and that we would never use it because we would just lay our baby on our bed to change her. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against changing our baby on our bed, HOWEVER, both my husband and I are taller people and bending over our bed kills our back, so yeah having a taller changing table to be able to change our daughter is a lifesaver (and a back saver).


Rock n’ Play

I think for some mamas out there this item is hit or miss, some love it and use it all the time, some don’t use it at all. The reason this item is on my list of must have items is because my Anastasia has terrible reflux issues, she even needs to take medicine for it, and sometimes when it is acting up if she is laying flat on her back she will reflux and spit up out of her mouth and nose. The first time this happened I was panicking like crazy but that was when she was in the NICU still so I had nurses to help and answer any questions. But anyways, one of the best thing for babies with reflux issues is to be at an incline. So whenever Anastasia’s reflux is acting up we just pop her in the rock n’ play and she is able to sleep peacefully.

Owlet Monitor

This is the most expensive item on this list but it is one that I had no buyers remorse in buying. The owlet monitor is a little sock (sort of) that goes on your baby’s foot and monitors their heart rate and O2 stats. For some they probably wouldn’t worry about this but for us we needed this monitor so that WE could get some sleep. Let me explain, while Anastasia was in the NICU she had many bradycardias (heart rate drops below 80), these are terrifying. In the hospital they had alarms beeping whenever this would happen; my husband and I still have nightmares of these alarms. Granted, yes, Anastasia needed to be bradycardia free for 5 days before she was discharged but that constant fear and anxiety was there even if she hadn’t had them in some time. My husband and I would check every 5 minutes to make sure she was breathing ok and responsive. In order for us to get any rested sleep at night we purchased this monitor to use only at night. If anything happens an alarm will go off to wake us up. If we wake up randomly in the middle of the night we can look to the monitor on the nightstand, see that it is flashing green, and know that everything is A-OK. Oh and you get different size socks so you can use this all the way up to 18 months.

There are a few other items I absolutely love but these are probably my top 3 items that I am so grateful to have purchased/received and have really helped being a new mama easier. On the other side of the tracks, there are a few items I kind of regret getting, but that’s a post for another day.

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