Since it was my 2 year anniversary yesterday it got me thinking. Romance doesn’t just die after you bring home a newborn. Granted, my type of romance isn’t your typical gifts and chocolates, although I do like to receive flowers. But rather it is things that we can do together or for one another.

After Anastasia was born, since she was in the NICU for so long we only thought about her and really didn’t want to do anything else. But once she got home (and we got some semblance of normalcy) we started to once again focus on each other as well. There are some little things that we do, and some larger, and then there are things that, despite seeming insignificant, can mean quite a lot to your other half.

Breakfast in bed

I don’t generally hear of people doing this that often anymore but this is something I would do a lot before we had Anastasia and it is something I continue to occasionally do when I can (when Anastasia is sleeping). I love to cook and one of my favorite things to see in the morning is my husband’s face when I surprise him with breakfast in bed.

Cooking dinner together

Let’s face it, for our family Anastasia tends to be more cranky/grumpy in the evenings. This makes cooking dinner pretty difficult, and sometimes impossible. But in our house we like to tag-team. One of us tries to calm Anastasia down while the other starts cooking, we’ll trade responsibilities here and there. Usually by the time dinner is finished cooking we are able to get Anastasia down to bed and then me and my hubby get to enjoy a nice home cooked meal together.

Game night (video or board)

Both Joshua and I love games, be they video games or board games. Sometimes if you have the little one with you and he/she is sleeping peacefully, pull out some of those board games and have some fun. Two of our favorites is Game of Thrones Monopoly and Pandemic.

Letting each other take naps (or letting them sleep in)

Any mother out there, seasoned or first timers, will tell you having a newborn home is exhausting work. Sometimes showing someone you care is as simple as taking the baby somewhere, (for a walk, store, or simply in a different room) and letting the other person catch up on a much needed nap. Or if it’s the weekend and you both have the day off, maybe take that morning feed.

Doing something the other would usually do.

Joshua and I are pretty even in our responsibilities. We take turns changing, feeding, cleaning, and so on. But there’s always some things, sometimes smaller things, that either me or him usually do. In our house I am usually the one that pre-measures the formula in the individual serving containers. With my mom/mother-in-law watching it is easier for us to just measure them out and then they just need to add it to the water. Recently, while having a frustrating night with a very cranky baby Joshua went out into the kitchen and did this for me. It’s a very small thing but it’s little things like this that make me smile and be thankful for such an amazing husband. Because after he did that, we both got Anastasia to bed and were able to go to sleep ourselves, I didn’t need to get that ready for the next day anymore.

These aren’t flowers, or chocolates. They are not diamonds or perfume/cologne. These are simply ideas to spend time with or show your significant other you care.

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