My Why: A reminder at why I am choosing to be a healthier new me.

For any of my Weight Watchin’ buddies out there you know exactly what I am referring to. But for those of you who don’t know, when you join Weight Watchers you are told to choose a reason why, why you are doing what you’re doing. Everyone has their own reason for wanting to take back control of their body. They could be health related or personal related or maybe they just want to fit into their clothes more comfortably. But ultimately you choose your reason why and when you are feeling down or discouraged you look back to that reason and remember why you are doing what you are doing. Well my reasons why are both in my picture below.20180630_160502I want to life a long and healthy life with my husband and daughter (and any future siblings). I want to be able to enjoy future activities with Anastasia, running, sports, bicycle riding, etc. And if I do end up having additional little ones, I want to be at a healthier weight to avoid the complications and risk I had with Anastasia. So when I feel discouraged or defeated, it’s not an idea or reason that I will be looking at but rather these two right here.

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