I realize that I am a few days late but this weeks Wednesday discussion was a really powerful one. Because the discussion this week is about being grateful. Even if the scale isn’t showing what you want it to, or you are struggling with being a mom, life, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle, there are plenty of things we can be grateful for.

It just so happened that this Wednesday was an absolute TERRIBLE day at work. I mean it was awful from the second I turned on my computer, that’s part of the daily life of working in a technical field where you need to deal with customers. To top it off I didn’t do great in the healthy eating department (gained 1.8lbs this week, sad-face) and it was just an exhausting and frustrating week in general. But then at the Weight Watcher meeting we starting talking about being grateful and everyone went around discussing what they were grateful for, no matter how big, or how little.

Top 5 things I am grateful for:

  1. My Faith
  2. My sweet Husband and daughter who are both a huge blessing
  3. A fantastic job, even when it gets really annoying and frustrating sometimes
  4. Nature, getting up and leaving in the morning is so relaxing when I get to see the 2-3 baby deer that like to play in our yard
  5. My mother and mother-in-law, both are such a fantastic support system and it’s so much easier being at work knowing Anastasia is in good hands.

And this isn’t on my list above, but after the meeting I stopped by Chick-fil-a to get something for dinner and there was a police officer behind me in the drive through. Seeing him made me realize that no matter how terrible of a day I had at work, at least I didn’t have a job where I was getting shot at. So I’m grateful for the Police men and women who do have to work in that kind of environment.

So, this week we are working on being grateful, I encourage everyone to try and think of at least 3 things they are grateful for every day. Today specifically, I am grateful for it finally being the weekend, I am grateful I do not work weekends, and I am grateful that I get to go home and play with my amazing daughter who is now 5 months old!!!

I can’t believe where that time has gone! I included some pictures from her 5 month photo shoots. Enjoy 🙂


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