Hi everyone, this is going to be a short one because I don’t know how long my electricity is going to last. As many of you know the east coast is being hammered by Hurricane Florence, which thank God has weakened to a category 1 hurricane but is still doing some pretty hefty damage. I live 2 hours from the North Carolina coast so I am not catching the brunt of it, but we are getting hammered with wind and rain.

I figured I’d do a quick list of items you should back sure you have in the event of bad weather:

  1. Water, water, water. For yourself and especially for formula feeding mama’s like myself.
  2. FORMULA! You can’t exactly feed your little one if you don’t have this. (Anastasia is not eating food, food, yet so that is why it is not on my list)
  3. Diapers and wipes – a given, but if you’re going to run out soon, stock up now.
  4. Any medications your little one is on, make sure you have a good supply.

While I do think that some people panic a bit too much and go too far, you do want to make sure you at least have enough for several days. You don’t know how long you’ll be out of power, or if your water is going to be contaminated… It’s always better to be caught prepared for the worst, then to catch the worst without being prepared.

Right now as I write this over 600,000 houses are out of power, I’m amazed mine has lasted this long. Please keep us in your prayers all.

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