Month: October 2018

Eyes Peeled… Roly Poly Baby

So. I had a bad dream that Anastasia fell off the bed. As a first time mother this is a terrible dream and something I have been especially paranoid about. I do not leave her unattended on the bed what-so-ever, but it was still a scary dream. But I learned this weekend that my little girl is definitely a roly-poly-baby. She’s not crawling but … Read More Eyes Peeled… Roly Poly Baby


Return of the elusive date night…

This is not an advice post. This is more of a question to any mamas and readers out there. When did you bring back date-night after having your baby? Truth is, with Anastasia being born prematurely, the first 3 months we would often get dinner together before going to visit. Josh would try to get me out of the house whenever he could to … Read More Return of the elusive date night…

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