This is not an advice post. This is more of a question to any mamas and readers out there. When did you bring back date-night after having your baby?

Truth is, with Anastasia being born prematurely, the first 3 months we would often get dinner together before going to visit. Josh would try to get me out of the house whenever he could to keep my spirits up. As is the case whenever new parents bring their bundle of joy home. You spend so much time loving, caring, and watching over your little one that you really forget about yourselves as a couple. Now that Anastasia is 7 Months old I’ve kind of been missing the 1 on 1 time with my husband. It’s been 4-ish months since we went out together just the two of us. I’ve got a complete wicker picnic basket that’s been collecting dusk in my closet, waiting to be put to use.

I think I’m ready to take that next step. To leave Anastasia with someone (Mom or Mother-in-law) for a few hours and take some time to just me and Josh.




Of course this means I’d also have to convince my Josh to leave our daughter for a few hours to go on a date… and she’s got him wrapped around her chubby little finger. 

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