Eyes Peeled… Roly Poly Baby

So. I had a bad dream that Anastasia fell off the bed. As a first time mother this is a terrible dream and something I have been especially paranoid about. I do not leave her unattended on the bed what-so-ever, but it was still a scary dream.

But I learned this weekend that my little girl is definitely a roly-poly-baby. She’s not crawling but she sure does get around. I had her playing with her toys and she was doing great, having fun, I was sitting on the floor next to her.


But, as babies are known to get, she was starting to get fussy and it was getting close to mealtime. So for maybe 5 minutes I left her playing while I went to get her bottle ready. While shaking the bottle I heard her fussy whining again and lo and behold…


The picture is a little misleading, she definitely did not have her face covered and she wasn’t in any pain, she just couldn’t roll back onto her back. In fact, she was pretty proud of herself for this accomplishment.
But goodness gracious the trouble is starting. I can only imagine how much we have to keep our eyes peeled when she does actually start crawling… the baby proofing is soon to begin.

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