Anastasia is not old enough where I’m dealing with this with her currently but I’ve made this discovery about myself as well. WW (aka WeightWatchers) is a great program because it is not one of those “diets” where you have to cut out food, you don’t have to cut out carbs, or sweets, or whatever else you like as long as you work the plan. Obviously that’s not saying if I eat nothing but cake I’m going to lose weight.

But I’ve made the discovery recently about myself that there are certain food cravings, that if I don’t try to find a way to work it into my plan, I’m essentially setting myself up for failure because the longer I deprive myself of whatever it is that I’m craving, eventually I’m going to crash and burn by binging on said thing plus whatever else I find.

Two months ago we had all sorts of things in the office, something different every day, cake, donuts (I’m talking the fancy donuts with like maple glaze and bacon ontop), bagels, cookies, etc. Every day was something different. And I was so happy because I said no to everything no matter how much I wanted something specific. I did great that week, weigh in was great. But the following week I had derailed completely, chocolate bars, candy, sweets, junk food. It reminds me of those kids who are not allowed to have sweets, or junk food, or pop (soda or Coke depending on your location in the US) in the house. But then these kids would go to their “friends with the good snacks” house and would go nuts on all this food they never get to have. But if I find a way to work what I want into my plan instead of depriving myself of it, I can still work the plan and lose weight doing it. Case and point, last week I went to a women of business conference. I had no control over what my lunch was and although it wasn’t that terrible for dessert was this delicious looking dark chocolate/coffee, raspberry cake?

Dark Chocolate Raspberry cake

There was a few girls at the table who looked at it like it was painful, and one girl took a tiny bite because she couldn’t resist. I don’t have the opportunity to have treats like this often so I went for it and took small bites to savor it to the fullest extent. Let me tell you that cake was not cake, it was like fudge in cake form and it was super rich, but it tasted AMAZING!

I didn’t know how many points it was so I just used all the points I had left for the day and called it a day. Then I made myself a delicious 2SP veggie soup for dinner. I made the plan work for me, enjoyed myself, ate something delicious even though weigh in was the next day and guess what, I was still down 3lbs even with that slice of cake. (For the record there were other girls at the table who did eat it, I wasn’t alone).

So now I’ve been thinking about when Anastasia is big enough that I need to think about this. I’m a big proponent of teaching by example so I don’t want to teach her to deprive herself of things but rather I want to teach her how it’s ok to have things in moderation. I dont want to be the mom who has nothing but health foods but the mom who as both healthy and the “good stuff” but who teaches you to have both in your diet.

When you truly understand that your food choices are powerful and life affirming, you can exercise control and restraint without deprivation. – Marlene Adelmann

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