The WW weekly discussion topic this week was Get Happier, Get Healthier. Because when you’re happier, it doesn’t seem as hard to move around more, or make healthy choices, its as if they come naturally, and these choices that you make which make you feel good can also inspire you to keep going and in turn continue feeding into your happiness.

So what is your happiness?

When you are having a bad day and work is stressful. Customer’s are cranky and taking it out on you. What is it that you want to go home to and take away all the tension that had built up through out the day? The truth of it is, after Anastasia was born as overjoyed as I was to have her here in the world. The worry and anxiety had built up so much. The guilt from her being born early and the constant questioning myself to ask if there was something I could have, or should have done differently to avoid this. This alone was just a hotbed of negative thoughts that if I wasn’t careful could have taken over completely and send me spiraling into a dark place.

So to battle the negative thoughts and choose JOY! It started slowly at first, too be honest there was a song that actually put it into perspective for me, the song Joy by the band For King and Country. This song helped me put into perspective what I wanted and helped me start to get my mindset back to where it needed to be.


Obviously the most important pieces to my happiness are these two. They are both the loves of my life, he is my strength and my support. My rock and foundation. Whereas she is just pure and simple the joy in my life. When I have a rough day at work and it is just absolutely terrible, coming home and seeing this sweet and silly PSX_20181021_164941face it makes everything that much better.

I mean I could have spent hours with a customer on the phone and then come home feeling drained and exhausted. But when Anastasia sees me walk in the door she will get this adorable goofy grin on her face and its like I am re-energized. It wipes away everything that was piling up and pushing me down.

But happiness is not only found in people. A big part of happiness, and I am speaking for myself, is how I am living my life. I have found that one thing that helps me throughout the day, is how I start my morning. I’ve gotten back into something that I haven’t done in a while and I am finding it to be extremely beneficial.


I have a box on my coffee table that is filled with slips of paper with different Bible verses on it. Every morning I make my breakfast, sit down at the table and randomly take out a slip of paper or two. I meditate on the verse and every morning this is a verse that seems to apply with whatever I am struggling with. Every morning I focus on my Faith and myself before I have to start my day and focus on everything else that needs my attention. I have seen the difference on days when I am unable to start my day this way verses the days when I do. By starting my day meditating and focusing on my faith, my day seems to be more at peace.


There are certain hobbies that can help keep you happy or be your happy place. My two main ones are writing and taking photos. I am able to write in my journal and express my thoughts and struggles. I am able to take photos (mostly of my adorable daughter) and focus on the beauty of life and the world.

Being a first time mama makes the whole world different. It makes life different. But the foundation of life, the foundation of happiness, this shall forever be the same. Faith, Family, Life. That’s all I really need.

Find out where joy resides, and give it a voice far beyond singing. For to miss the joy, is to miss all.

Robert Louis Stevenson



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