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Weekly Discussion: What’s your happiness?

The WW weekly discussion topic this week was Get Happier, Get Healthier. Because when you’re happier, it doesn’t seem as hard to move around more, or make healthy choices, its as if they come naturally, and these choices that you make which make you feel good can also inspire you to keep going and in turn continue feeding into your happiness. So what is … Read More Weekly Discussion: What’s your happiness?


Moderation or Deprivation

Anastasia is not old enough where I’m dealing with this with her currently but I’ve made this discovery about myself as well. WW (aka WeightWatchers) is a great program because it is not one of those “diets” where you have to cut out food, you don’t have to cut out carbs, or sweets, or whatever else you like as long as you work the … Read More Moderation or Deprivation


Weekly Discussion: Sleep Well

Yesterday was another successful weigh in at my Wednesday WW meeting. Down 3lbs this week and it’s amazing! This weeks discussion is a little trick though. The subject for this week is Sleep Well I mean, we’ve all heard the studies about how you need to get 7,8,9 hours of sleep in order to be productive. Well, this isn’t just a healthy, weight-loss blog. … Read More Weekly Discussion: Sleep Well


Weekly Discussion: Being Grateful

I realize that I am a few days late but this weeks Wednesday discussion was a really powerful one. Because the discussion this week is about being grateful. Even if the scale isn’t showing what you want it to, or you are struggling with being a mom, life, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle, there are plenty of things we can be grateful … Read More Weekly Discussion: Being Grateful


Another Weekly Discussion: Non-Scale Victories

It’s been a busy week I’ll admit. In between working and sitting in the car, for a total of 3 hours, commuting I treasure the moments I get with my sweet little girl and sometimes that makes writing a little difficult. Especially now that she is starting to stay awake longer and is laughing and smiling. ┬áSo while we spend our nights talking and … Read More Another Weekly Discussion: Non-Scale Victories


3 things I missed out on due to Pre-Eclampsia: A mental health review

There are some things that not all, but many, pregnant women do while pregnant in celebration of their upcoming motherhood. Due to severe early onset Pre-Eclampsia, there are three of these ‘big-ticket’ things that I missed out on. For starters, I was hospitalized the week of my baby-shower and told that I would not be leaving the hospital until I delivered (goal was 34weeks). … Read More 3 things I missed out on due to Pre-Eclampsia: A mental health review

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