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The Big 6 – Where has the time gone?

That’s right! My little Anastasia has officially turned 6 Months old! Honestly, where has this time gone? I cannot even begin to fathom the idea that my little girl is already half a year old. I’ve had her for 6 Months already! She has come a long way from that tiny 2lb 15oz little peanut. She is now 13.5 lbs and 24 inches long. … Read More The Big 6 – Where has the time gone?


Hurricane Florence: What to stock up on for your infant!

Hi everyone, this is going to be a short one because I don’t know how long my electricity is going to last. As many of you know the east coast is being hammered by Hurricane Florence, which thank God has weakened to a category 1 hurricane but is still doing some pretty hefty damage. I live 2 hours from the North Carolina coast so … Read More Hurricane Florence: What to stock up on for your infant!


Spots, spots, everywhere: Oral Thrush, what to do, how to prevent it.

Hello Everyone! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while. The reasons behind my disappearance is that our poor little Anastasia has oral thrush. We caught it one night when I picked her up from her grandmas house after work. She was very cranky and screaming when we would try to give her, her pacifier. That’s when we noticed the tiny little white spots all … Read More Spots, spots, everywhere: Oral Thrush, what to do, how to prevent it.


3 things I missed out on due to Pre-Eclampsia: A mental health review

There are some things that not all, but many, pregnant women do while pregnant in celebration of their upcoming motherhood. Due to severe early onset Pre-Eclampsia, there are three of these ‘big-ticket’ things that I missed out on. For starters, I was hospitalized the week of my baby-shower and told that I would not be leaving the hospital until I delivered (goal was 34weeks). … Read More 3 things I missed out on due to Pre-Eclampsia: A mental health review


Sleep! Beautiful Sleep!

One of the best feelings in the world is waking up in the morning fully rested and realizing your little one has slept through the night. Immediately followed by the instant moment of panic that little one slept through the night. Which results in you checking to make sure they are ok, which usually ends up with them waking up and screaming because they realized … Read More Sleep! Beautiful Sleep!


Your shadow is watching: teaching by example.

I was thinking about my reflections on this weeks weekly topic and started to think, how can I teach Anastasia to love her self, and have confidence in herself, when I do not have the confidence or self-esteem myself. As you read in my previous post you know that this is something I struggle with but am improving and self reflecting. But to piggy-back off … Read More Your shadow is watching: teaching by example.


The 6PM Switch: a discussion about colic, gripe water, and gas drops.

That’s right our poor little girl had a mild case of colic. Colic, if you don’t know, is a condition in which baby’s will cry for hours at a time with no clear cause. It usually happens at around the same time every day and although our girl’s case was a mild one (usually we are able to finally calm her down after 2 or 3 hours at most) there are some tips and tricks that we learned to help us along the way. 


Another month just flies by

It’s crazy to think that 4 months has passed since Anastasia made her debut into this world. Our little girl certainly has a mind of her own and no one could tell her when to arrive she had to come on her own terms. She has flourished amazingly, is growing and eating great and we absolutely love her to bits. She’s 4 months old … Read More Another month just flies by


I hate it when you’re right.

When I was pregnant and would complain about being tired because I had to wake up and pee every 2 hours I was never met with sympathy but rather laughter and was told: Just wait and see how tired you’ll be when the baby is born. Then when other people would hear or find out we were expecting the most common phrase we were … Read More I hate it when you’re right.

Expect the unexpected

Don’t believe anyone who says being a parent is easy, or you’ll be a natural. Yes, you will have the ‘instincts’ there, instincts that are most likely based off of what you remember from when your parents were raising you. But there will be mistakes, lots of them. Honestly, I think Joshua and I have lost track of how many mistakes we’ve already made, … Read More Expect the unexpected

Snuggles! Get your snuggles here!

Alright lets get it out there. I am sure at some point someone, somewhere, has told you to make sure you don’t hold your baby too much. But let’s be honest, can you really hold a baby TOO much? I understand the common ‘fear’ here is that your baby will get used to being held and will only want to be held. I am … Read More Snuggles! Get your snuggles here!

Happy 4th of July!

I feel as if I should warn you, a pastime/hobby of mine is photography. I do not claim to be a professional, I just enjoy looking through a camera lens. As such, you will likely see many pictures, especially of Anastasia. So without further ado, in observance of independence day we threw a little photoshoot together. A little summertime, a little freedom, a little … Read More Happy 4th of July!

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