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World Prematurity Day: What it means to be a preemie parent.

You are probably wondering why I am posting a picture of Anastasia next to a jar of peanut butter. This jar of peanut butter weighs 2 lbs and 8oz. Almost 8 months ago Anastasia was born weighing only 7oz more than this jar(2lbs 15oz). In fact, in the first few days of her life her weight dropped until she actually did weigh as much … Read More World Prematurity Day: What it means to be a preemie parent.


3 Baby Items I Couldn’t Live Without

You know, you’re making your baby registry, looking at the vast sea of baby items out there wondering what in the world you are actually going to need. Some of these items I’m sure some would disagree with me on. But for sure, these are the 3 baby items I couldn’t live without. Note: This post contains affiliate links. You can read my¬†disclosure by … Read More 3 Baby Items I Couldn’t Live Without

Happy 4th of July!

I feel as if I should warn you, a pastime/hobby of mine is photography. I do not claim to be a professional, I just enjoy looking through a camera lens. As such, you will likely see many pictures, especially of Anastasia. So without further ado, in observance of independence day we threw a little photoshoot together. A little summertime, a little freedom, a little … Read More Happy 4th of July!

The Adventure Begins

This adventure started with me peeing on a stick. Not exactly the usual opening line in an adventure novel, but that is how this adventure started. In September 2017 my husband(Josh) and I discovered that our family was about to grow by 1 tiny human, little did we know just how tiny she would be. We had our ultrasounds, we had our gender reveal, … Read More The Adventure Begins

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